How to extract notes WITH date from Nokia E72 (Symbian S60)

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After having saved around 1000 notes on my Nokia E72, I decided to move them to Outlook or at least make a backup of them in a text or csv file.

During my first attempt, I’ve managed to copy the notes to Outlook, but the dates were missing. “But the dates are important!” I said to myself.

One day of googling later, after I haven’t found any solution I let it rest for a while. Then something clicked in my mind and I finally got it.

You need three things: Nokia Suite, NbuExplorer and dbshell. The steps are as follows:

1. Create a backup of your phone using Nokia Suite. Let’s save it as E72.nbu.
2. Extract dbshell into the root of NbuExplorer, such that the directory structure is as follows:
—-other files needed by NbuExplorer
–other files needed by dbshell

3. Start NbuExplorer, open E72.nbu. Let it load. Go to Settings/C/Private/100012a5 and extract DBS_101F8878_Notepad.dat to the same folder in which dbshell.exe is located (it’s easier to open it this way in the next step)
4. Start a command prompt. Navigate (using cd) to the dbshell directory.
5. Enter the command: DBSHELL.exe DBS_101F8878_Notepad.dat to open the Symbian database.
6. Export the notes to a file using: export notes.csv table1

That should be it. Now you can think of a script to turn the data into other formats.

Note: If it hangs check where it stops and delete that note. I had a huge note in the middle and dbshell couldn’t parse it.

GeorgeHow to extract notes WITH date from Nokia E72 (Symbian S60)

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